Weiss Engineering

The European EMS industry, a detailed analysis

 For many years, Weiss Engineering has investigated the EMS industry in Europe. As the numbers about, its manufacturers and the size of the market cited by various sources and market research companies did not correspond with numbers by component distributors and other related parts manufacturers, a thorough survey was conducted.

It took Weiss Engineering more than three years under the E³MS project to establish a database of 1705 EMS manufacturers in Europe (1834 in 05/19, 1862 in 11/19), each with name, contact data, revenues and number of employees for the years 2013-2018. For a large number of which additional data originating from the P&L and balance sheets were obtained. Further details about locations outside Europe or whether they have own products besides the EMS Service offered and many more are available in the database. After the seminar in Estonia Weiss Engineering got additional data for Russia from the Russian Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association. This brings the database to 1845 EMS manufacturers in Europe and will slightly increase the total European EMS production value. No database for Europe is known today having such detailed information.


Summing up the revenues of the 1862 different legal entities (which belong to about 1595 different companies), one gets to a total of 40.1 Billion Euro (~47.39 Billion USD) for 2018.

There are still too many companies, 1354 EMS have revenues of less than 10 Mil. Euro and lots of them have no strategy and no future. About 20% of them make losses as they do not stick to the basic rules of doing business. Since in4ma started to explain the numbers and the balance sheets in Germany, we see a positive trend. In 2014 it was 23,6% of companies making losses, in 2017 the number went down to 16,6%.