EMS Scout for Europe

The EMS industry is changing. Large companies (> €50 million in sales) are growing twice as fast as small EMS companies. In addition, there is a change in the purchasing behaviour of OEMs and companies that purchase the electronic part of their products or the entire product from EMS companies. They are again increasingly looking for a production partner in Europe, some of them in close proximity and withdrawing some of the orders from the Far East. But a lot of buyers don’t have an overview of the EMS companies in Europe. Advertisements in trade journals are quick snapshots, printed shopping guides do not provide a complete overview and quickly become out of date, even the very large EMS providers are not known to many buyers. There are a few buying guides on the Internet, but these are incomplete and some include companies that do not offer any EMS services at all or trading companies that work for EMS companies in the Far East. Moreover, time does not stop. More than half of all buyers are under the age of 39. This age group lives and works completely digitally and gets an overview of the market online

In a cooperation between in4ma/Weiss Engineering (www.in4ma.de) and matthias holsten e2-consulting GmbH (www.holsten-econsulting.de), the first complete digital purchasing guide of the EMS industry for Europe has therefore been created. 665 EMS companies in D-A-CH, or companies that offer their own products as well as EMS services are listed with their company names and the location of the company. Buyers can compile a list of the activated EMS companies according to various search criteria and thus make a pre-selection. The digital purchasing guide will gradually be expanded to all 2,175 EMS companies in Europe. Want to learn more about how you can benefit from this new digital shopping guide? Then request more information at: matthias holsten e2 consulting GmbH info@holsten-econsulting.de or Dieter G. Weiss weiss@in4ma.de