Final figures for Europe

The final production figures for Europe in 2019 are here. You probably think that’s pretty late now, yes it is. It is due to the fact that many companies allow themselves a lot of time with the publication of their annual accounts in the company registers. We already had about 20% of sales for Europe at the end of February, but only 20%. For the remaining 80% we have to be patient for another 9-11 months. This time is over now, the final production figures of the EMS companies are ready and show significant deviations from the original forecast. Wistron in CZ alone had sales of almost EUR 563 million lower in 2019 than in 2018, while Inventec in CZ also disappointed with more than EUR 163 million less. These are orders of magnitude that cannot be planned. But they are recorded precisely and corrected in the in4ma statistics.