Report about the European PCB Survey 2023

Recently the new European PCB survey for the year 2023 was published. The report covers the European PCB production and is based on the input of about a third of the remaining active PCB manufacturers. These companies, represent almost three quarters of the total PCB

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The EMS & PCB Forum 2024

After the successful resumption of our own events for the EMS industry in German-speaking countries in June 2023, we are now going into the next round and expanding this event to include circuit board manufacturers. In doing so, we consider the fact that this industry

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Inventories in the EMS-Industry are exploding

The stocks of electronic components in the warehouses of the EMS industry had already reached extremely high values ​​by the end of 2021. in4ma had shown that by the end of 2021 the stocks were already around EUR 14.3 billion, which corresponds to around 33% of annual sales.

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There is no Chip crisis

There is no chip crisis, and we at in4ma are serious about this, even many electronics manufacturers might disagree. We just need to look at the IC Unit shipment growth, published by IC insights. There was a downturn of 6% from 2018 to 2019, long

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